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Burkina Faso’s maternal and neonatal mortality rates are among the world’s highest. Every year, 2,000 Burkinabè women die every year from complications to pregnancy and childbirth.

Thanks largely to the work of NGOs and local government agencies, preventable maternal deaths have trended downward in Burkina Faso for the last 14 years (UNICEF, 2014). The country is still one of the most dangerous on Earth for pregnant women—it is especially dangerous for women of lower social classes, who have less access to both healthcare and education.

Similarly, rates of neonatal mortality (death of a child within the first 28 days of life) have fallen worldwide for several years. Still, an estimated one in every 56 children born in Burkina Faso will die in their first month (WHO 2015). Again, these deaths are suffered disproportionately by the children of women from lower social classes.

The World Health Organization has proposed basic health education for mothers in the fight to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates. Pagaba hopes to further this education through the production and distribution of materials specially targeted toward lower-class mothers in the country.