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In 2012, researchers associated with the Pagaba Foundation interviewed more than 80 Burkinabè women. At the end of each session, the women often asked their own questions of the interviewers. One question was asked  more than all others:

“What can I do so that my children will grow up with health, so that they will reach school and study well?”


When interviewers responded with the World Health Organization’s recommendations for under-five child health and hygiene, they found the information was new to most mothers. In many cases, it was clear that even basic hygiene behaviors (hand washing, wearing shoes, etc.) had never been taught.

The Pagaba Foundation was formed to fill this knowledge gap. With $5,000 raised through crowdfunding, Pagaba produced and distributed 400 copies of a picture book illustrating 15 health and hygiene behaviors. The book, titled “What do healthy kids do?”, is printed in English, French, and Moore.

Following the success of this initial distribution, the Pagaba Foundation plans to use its existing contacts and distribution infrastructure to introduce more educational materials to mothers in Burkina Faso.